Monday, August 05, 2013

A Thorough Cleaning and a Little Texan Philosophy

I headed to the dentist for a cleaning today. Compared to Bangkok, the dentist here is expensive at about $47. But I could have sought out a cheaper one. Instead I went to one in the middle of the centro,  right behind the American Express local rep. She has a huge client base of expats. I decided it made more sense to just go to her instead of trying to find someone cheaper but without me having any recommendations. A guy I met in Cafe Contento the day I got sick told me lots of expats liked this dentist. His own dentist was a bit farther out and I'd have to take a bus or a taxi.

I don't have anything wrong with my teeth, and I did just get a cleaning in January in Bangkok, but I always like to take an opportunity for a teeth cleaning that doesn't set me back more than $150-200, like it does at home.

I had to wait a half-hour, though I arrived on time.

"I think she had an emergency," explained the garrulous Texan sitting in the waiting area with his wife.

His wife went in a minute later, and he continued to chat.

"I'm 78, she's 76, and at 50, we had all the energy to travel, now we have the money but no energy. Don't wait, retire when you're fifty!"

I had to laugh. Not only is retirement really not in the cards for me right now, but I haven't exactly put off traveling for when I can afford it.

A bit later, the dentist called me in.

The dentist, Dra. Alma Godinez, was great, if a bit over-the-top on the cleaning. She congratulated me on my good dental hygiene and went to town the way a hygienist does at home.

I think I've found a place to go if I ever need major dental work. Bangkok is still in play of course, as I've been going to that dental office since 2001, but San Miguel de Allende is a lot closer than Bangkok.

The dentist did say I needed to gargle with hydrogen peroxide for two days, and the reason in Spanish sounded a lot something was dead in my mouth. Like something-muerte. Hmmm. That was a bit worrying.

I bought a tiny container of agua oxigenada on the way home and hopes that would kill off whatever was dead in my mouth.

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