Friday, July 15, 2022

Someone's Knocking at the Door

She wants to visit me! That’s disconcerting.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Prelude to Invasion

I called the spotted lanternfly police to find out how to eviscerate spotted lanternflies but no one called me back. 

JC is crawling with the things.

Friday, July 08, 2022

Thursday, July 07, 2022


Former DC Executive Editor Pat McCallum has departed this mortal coil, and I have a jumble of thoughts to sort through. Some are about Pat. Some are about me, or maybe they’re about Pat, or maybe they’re about our colleagues. Honestly, in moments like these, it can be hard to tell what is self-serving and what is genuinely about the departed. I do know that when I became EIC of DC, I had no idea how much death would be part of my new life. Making the calls to his close collaborators to get them updated ahead of the headlines was hard. Hearing voices cracking was heartbreaking. Hearing my own voice was weird too. All that is about me—much of a person’s loss is about the prism through which an individual experiences the news.

Pat often spoke to me of his dream of getting a dog—a German Shepherd. I hassled him relentlessly about this for a while, sending him links to Petfinder pups, but he wanted to get a house with a yard first, so the big dog wouldn’t have to live in an apartment. Less than half a year after he left the company, a global pandemic kicked in, and then we were all shut-ins, which can’t possibly have helped.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022


Y'all remember when I had plantar fasciitis after moving all those boxes, and I went to a Burbank podiatrist and got a shot of cortisone, some exercises, some Hoka sneakers, and some fancy custom insoles?

Maybe you don't remember that much detail but anyway, it seemed to get WORSE after doing all that, and the pain migrated and evolved a bit, so I made an appointment with a fancy-schmancy foot doctor in Manhattan, flew East for the July 4th weekend, and got a foot ultrasound and rock star foot guy said...

...I have torn my plantar fascia. His assessment is the cortisone made the pain go away and I then proceeded to walk all the heck over the place and not take it easy (which is true). He also said the custom insoles are basically garbage and the shoes are fine but not any better than other similar (and cheaper) shoes. He gave me a lecture about for-profit medicine and how our very stupid health insurance system incentivizes doctors to do little add-ons to get more money from a visit since most in-network fees are quite small.

And then he assigned me to go to physical therapy until my foot has improved, and said I should toss the custom insoles and get less rigid over-the-counter ones. (I suspect their rigid arches might have exacerbated the situation.)

Today I had my first physical therapy. It was like getting a really intense foot massage, but with homework. And I have to go three more times over the next two weeks before I'm allowed to return to California, then I'll probably have to come back a few weeks later, or maybe I'll be improved enough I can go to a Burbank PT for a while.

In short, I have a doctor's note requiring me to go to Manhattan. Which would be more fun if I didn't also have a doctor's note to take it easy and stay put in my apartment in Jersey City.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

I Do That A Lot

The tech conference people from Toronto posted a few photos of our panel. I

n the second one, I'm doing the classic "What we needed to make digital comics different was this" while holding up my phone.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Toronto Weekend

I arrived in Toronto on Saturday morning, disoriented from an overnight flight from L.A.

“Purpose of travel?” asked the Canadian border agent.

“Tourist,” I said. I learned long ago not to elaborate. If I start telling the passport stamp person about me speaking at an event on Thursday, there’s room for confusion about “Is this work, and do you have the right to work in Canada?” She paused, looked at me, and asked one more question.

“Do you know anyone in Toronto?”

I thought for a second and shook my head. Was that weird? Who comes to Toronto as a solo tourist? It’s not exactly a hotspot of wildlife or archeology or adventure.

But she let me in.

I picked up my bag (yes, I check bags occasionally, you philistines, so sue me) and caught the train to the center of town. I used an app to find a spot to store my bag until the apartment would be ready at 4, then headed to a nearby breakfast spot.

As I sipped my morning coffee, I wondered what I might do today in Toronto. I vaguely remembered seeing a FB post of someone trying to get to Toronto recently…what was it?


TCAF. There’s a comics con in Toronto this weekend! If finished my coffee, bought a subway ticket, and headed to the con. I guess I’d lied when I’d said I didn’t know anyone in Toronto.

Friday, June 17, 2022

From Space

The Terminal 6 TSA agent told me about a dating site for UFO aficionados.

This happened because I'm wearing a shirt with flying saucers silkscreened onto it.

When I wear a shirt with a cat or pony on it, I get the same sort of response but more like "Is that your cat? I love cats!" or "Do you like horses?" The dating site bit was new to me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nursery Patio

Six baby bandits! That's the backyard count for summer 2022.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Most Valuable Scooby Snacks

This is not my story to tell—it's the office archivist's. But it's too good to overlook.

As you know, our Burbank office is moving across the street. All our personal items are long since removed but a few things needed special treatment.

Our rarest, most valuable comics were packed in special crates which did not easily fit in a car. A cargo vehicle was required but using brute force and moving trucks was out of the question as the likes of Action Comics #1 and New Fun #1 require a delicate touch and constant supervision.

Fortunately, we have access to a seldom-used van that could be driven by our librarian and facilities supervisor. I wonder how many "ruh-rohs" were uttered as they drove over potholes.