Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Week of Rafting

I made a little video of my rafting trip.

I took a tiny $128 HD palm-sized video camera along for the trip. I haven't edited video in years—in the mid-90s, I used Premiere for some personal videos, and back in the 80s, I used this thing called "tape." Other than that, I once learned an older version of iMovie in a few hours under stressful circumstances at San Diego Con. But iMovie changed a lot since then. I couldn't even extract audio and had to use a workaround (boo).

Anyway, I bluffed my way through.


Amanda Castleman said...

Fabulous! I'm not a video fan, but this one really grabbed me.

Gary Erskine said...

The video really captures the excitement of your boat trip (more so than any photograph)Helicopter trip and plane flight too? Can't wait to try it myself.

More video! ;)



J.T. Campbell, Jr. said...

Very cool Marie! Thanks for putting that together!