Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monday Night On the Town

If you're in New York City, consider joining me on Monday night to hear writer Tony Perrottet talk about Napoleon's penis. Or rather, his book on the topic.

I have to admit, this will be a repeat for me. I saw him speak at the first Restless Legs Reading Series event a few weeks ago. Tony's enthusiasm for his topic was marvelous to the point where he'd recreated an exact replica of the item discussed, and posted a video on youtube. And he's such a swell guy that I want to show up and support his efforts. Heck, this time I'll even buy the book.

Now that I'm bothering to leave my apartment and partake of the events in my fair city, I am amazed at how many obscure things there are to do here. I had no idea that this bar "Half King" had reading events. And if Tony were not appearing there and had not spammed me (I signed up for his mailing list), I wouldn't have noticed that Kira Salak is reading there the following week, or that Rolf Potts will be there in October.

Hmm. Wonder if New Marie who is running around and actually meeting up with old friends and introducing herself to new ones could get enough of a crowd out to read from Dik-Dik. (Somehow I doubt that reading from Best in Tent Camping: NJ would generate much interest, though it would make me laugh.)


Marie Javins said...

Wonder if the PR rep from Boston who just Amazon-trashed my book as being like a Disney version of a safari would like to come along and hear me read.

No, no. Guess not.


Stuart Moore said...

Intersperse your DIK-DIK reading with brief excerpts from TENT CAMPING. I'm serious.

Marie Javins said...

That's brilliant.

I'll do it if you read too. From a comic or something.