Thursday, July 03, 2008

Day Two: Rafting the Grand Canyon

Rumor had it that the strong coffee in the bucket was Peet's Coffee.

I put the strainer on top of my official cup (we each got one for the duration of the trip), and ladled in some Peet's for a nice super-charge.

I'm not sure exactly how the math works, but it seems to me that stronger coffee = fuller porta-potty, which must on some level be deliberate. The staff had asked us to try to get out digestive systems to work in the morning and night, when the camp toilet was set up.

They carried a different toilet for each day. The toilets had hardcore lids for when they were not in use, but the toilet seat moved from toilet to toilet each day. One day, Chelsea had a line of six kids and couldn't get the toilet open.

"I nearly had a riot on my hands," she said.

On Day Two, we broke camp and chugged downriver.

Today's sidetrip was to a marvelous waterslide on the Little Colorado. The smaller river was a rich turquoise. We all hiked to a spot which was full of rafters from other outfitters. Everyone was doing the same thing. Buckling their life jackets around their bottoms like diapers, leaping into the Little Colorado, and sliding down to the pool below.

It was marvelous, but I looked ridiculous in my diaper. I looked more ridiculous than the others, I think, because I'd stripped down to my bathing suit first, so it looked like I had nothing on underneath my life jacket. Everyone else was wearing their street clothes, but I didn't want to abuse them more than I already was.

I did not take any photos of me in my orange, padded diaper.


Marc Siry said...

Toliet and bathing issues are what dampen my camping enthusiasm most. I am all for nature and enjoying the great outdoors, I just really appreciate the thousands of years of progress we enjoy in the area of personal hygiene. That's why I like motorcycle touring- I can go deep into the wilderness (anywhere there's a dirt road) yet still haul my ass back to a Hampton Inn for a hot shower at night.

BTW, I dig your groovy new header. Is that a Marie Javins Photoshop original? I'm looking bad, the website guy with the blog about making webistes has the default Blogger header. I'm launching photoshop now to assuage my deep shame.

Marie Javins said...

You know, there are guidebooks out there that tell you exactly which campgrounds have hot showers and which don't. Like, say, for example, The Best in Tent Camping: New Jersey.

I did make that header, though Steve had to remind me of one old trick involving layers and opacity and linear grads. I've been trying to make lots of changes in my life lately, but since you're a regular reader, you already know that.

I'll keep an eye out for the new header on your blog...

Linda said...

Great job on the header... but what's with the arched eyebrow look?

Marie Javins said...

Maybe I should Photoshop that too...

Anonymous said...

On our rafting trip in the early 90s I somehow didn't have to go for three days.. I think that's how long it was... who says I have bathroom issues!

Marie Javins said...

Marie, the funny thing is, I think I did the same! Things sure have changed. Doesn't bother me at all now.