Friday, July 04, 2008

Time Out

I'm taking a semi-holiday from blogging today.

But first, this just in:

Take a look at this fantastic review of Dik-Dik by Bob Garlitz, a professor in New Hampshire. I love it.

He also posted his review on Amazon and Goodreads, where I hope it will offset all those comments about how "boring" I must be. (Gee, thanks, total strangers!)


Amanda Castleman said...

Wish you were at the lake with us. Happy Fourth and big hugs from Washington, Amanda and Edward

Linda said...

Wow, great review! He summed up the way your narrative progresses so well: "She is about moving along, seeing some things but not interested in making a big deal...Javins can write... She keeps it clipped and paced & you get a great sense of what this sort of trekking and traveling is like for the tough and sensitive souls who can do it."