Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shooting Gallery

The Grand Canyon photos aren't the only ones I've put up on Facebook.

I've been experimenting with others: Me, Uganda, Jersey City, Utah rafting. I'm thinking of canceling my .mac iDisk membership which has my other galleries, and moving all my photos to Facebook.

Though it has to be said, the .mac interface where my Antarctica, Africa, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Luxor photos live now is pretty classy. But I don't know if it's a hundred dollars a year worth of classy.

I guess the real question is: Am I too lazy to migrate for a hundred dollars a year? And just typing that out looks so lame that I know I'm not that lazy. Of course I'll migrate. I already spend $89 on a more technical (less user-friendly) server, so I don't need .mac for anything. I have until September when my .mac membership runs out.


Marie said...

Plus, after the upgrade to "mobileme," the iDisk function of .mac doesn't even work...

Marc Siry said...

Although the iPhoto plugin makes Facebook uploads a snap, i'd be careful about making it your only online home for photos. One of my friends on FB posted this under her album:

"I lost 18 photo albums when FB disabled my account, along with my cherished dog album.

'Slow down or you will hit a block' they warned. Block? How about a tsunami.

I'll post things as I recover them, but it's all a jumbled mess now."

So, it might not be ideal for someone who posts a lot of photos and needs for them to be up reliably.

Marie said...

iPhoto plug-in? Where have I been?

I started up a Picasa account today. Or is that the same? They would disable me, would they?

John Bligh said...

I recommend Picassa. It's less cumbersome an simpler to use than Flickr and cheaper than Apple. There's also an iPhoto plug-in.