Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Then Again...

Last night, right after bemoaning the loss of misfits in Manhattan, I looked up from several hours of intense conversation with Andy Helfer, and discovered that the Sheridan Square Starbucks is a huge social gathering spot for under-age transvestites. As we made our exit to head over to the pizza place across the street (where age was not such a factor), we appreciated one young fellow's gutsy hot-pink short-shorts jumpsuit.

In other news, I have made my Picasa blog photos public. This means that every photo I've used here over three years is now available in two galleries. The system is a little weird—it seems to include photos that I uploaded, then deleted. I could go in and delete them, but I'd have to be sure to get the ones slated for deletion rather than photos that actually appeared here (or they would disappear from the blog). I am too lazy for that.

The photos can be a little odd out of context.

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