Monday, April 23, 2007

An Unappealing Leg Shot

Look, Jeff Stark put up some of my photos on his blog.

I shouldn't be surprised that he left the horrible bruised leg photo off. It was a shot of my leg after the Ethiopian truck accident. I took the photo in a full length mirror in a Khartoum hotel room.

I made the photo really small here so that you won't be as disgusted as Kelly was when she saw it at full size at "Where Have You Been" last Wednesday night.


Don Hudson said...

How was the medical treatment in Ethiopia?

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Happy happy late late birthday. And don't wallow. Wallowing's for hippos and with legs like that lady you certainly won't be getting compared to a hippo any time soon.

But ouch to the bruising/grazing! I remember the story in your book and winced as I read it. I winced again just then when catching up on the blog.

Enjoy your red meat free b'day week. Myself, I've never been a huge red meat eater, but am giving up on what little I eat even more as it's one of the 'risk factors' for BC. Funnily enough, the night before I was diagnosed was the first night in ages I'd had a decent rare steak. But I don't think it has that great an effect, that quickly!

Stay well x

Marie Javins said...

Don, I didn't go to the hospital for that. I thought it was okay (I mean, it was, but I had a cracked rib and didn't know it). But I went to a clinic in Ethiopia a few weeks prior for this infected lump I got from scratching something on my arm. The doctor gave me a powerful gel that kicked the lump's arse. It was not too bad a clinic. And my Uganda doctors were all great. The Namibia one was kind of whack-o but I guess if it's good enough for Angelina... no, wait, she brought her own doctor but used the same hospital.

Marie Javins said...

Anne-Marie, now that I've decided to go easy on the red meat, I suddenly want it. It was the same with wine when I was in Kuwait. It's even the same when I don't know for sure I want something at a store and then find it's harder to get than I realized. I need to resist that.

I didn't know red meat was a risk factor. Yikes. Another reason to resist. I'm learning a lot about BC from your blog. I am looking forward to the hat collection.