Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Other View

Two tourists clumsily staggered up to the taxi as the driver was dropping me off at Terminal 2 in Cairo.

"Pounds Towmanel 1?" The older tourist couldn't speak Arabic and scarely knew English. He seemed to be Japanese, wearing beach clothing, and was ready for a fight with the driver. The driver stared for a minute, trying to work out what he was being asked.

"Where are you going?" I intervened.


"No, I mean now. Where? Terminal 1? Airport? Aeropuerto?"

"Yes. Towmanel 1."

I held up one finger and he nodded with satisfaction. I turned to the driver.

"20 pounds."

Ha! That's outragous. It should be 2 pounds, but I'd allow 5 for airport prices. But for a moment, I could see through the taxi driver's eyes. Here was this ridiculous tourist in beach clothing in Cairo, one who probably was paying a thousand dollars to get to Bali from... somewhere. I couldn't imagine why he had been routed through Egypt.

I could have gotten further involved. But instead I grinned, handed the driver 50 pounds for my ride from town--an excellent tip but he had to wrangle the wheelie bag and I had no further use for Egyptian pounds--and wheeled my bag into the departure lounge.

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Marie Javins said...

The real price to the airport is 30 pounds, but good luck getting the real price if you go!