Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daily Workout

"You said you needed a butt-lift," e-snickered Edward, not helpfully.

Yes, I had. But I need a lot of things here in Yancey's fourth-story walk-up apartment, where I sit sick, jet-lagged, and creeping closer to 41 by the minute.

I need more energy, so that trudging up and down the stairs with armfuls of wooden masks from Papua New Guinea and inlaid backgammon sets from Syria doesn't hurt so bad. I need more hours in the day, to finish my freelance assignments as well as my day job. I need a tall, strong person in my life, so that I don't have to hassle Michael Kraiger every time a box of guidebooks needs moving. I need to be stronger and more active myself, so that I can tell both Person X and Kraiger that I can carry my own boxes. I need to get off my butt more often. I need to figure out something somewhat interesting to do on my birthday, the 22nd. I need to think of something to talk about when I'm interviewed at Bluestockings bookstore a week from yesterday.

Mostly, I think I need to find a good website for inexpensive-yet-tasteful furniture, so that I can just throw away everything in my storage unit, and get all new furniture delivered.

Up with two boxes. Down empty-handed. Up with a lamp, two file boxes, and a lampshade on my head. Lampshade falls off, leading to a half-trip a minute later. Down empty-handed. Up with a printer and a scanner. Down empty-handed.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, which evolved into a hack (tasting of blood) later in the day. Is it traveling, perhaps exacerbated by chilly, rainy April? Maybe. I am going to have to stop moving boxes and get some rest, and catch up on work. The boxes will wait. They won't mind.

The butt-lift can wait too. At least until I crave the next pumpkin-flavored coffee from BASIC, the cafe at the end of the block.


Marie Javins said...

Another reason to love JC: Yesterday, I saw the mail carrier on the street. He said "You moved here now? To 253 from 350?" Yes. "I know your name, I'll fix it."

And today I got mail addressed to me at 350 8th, but forwarded to my new address at 253 8th. Cool. So small town, here by the big city.

Linda said...

That cough can be a reaction from dust or mildew. After all, those boxes have been sitting for a while.

Love, Mom