Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Big Move

Since yesterday I posted a photo of my leg, today I am posting my feet (during last Friday's weird gel pedicure). I have monkey feet. I can do tricks with them.

Why am I posting my feet? Because I am too beat to think of anything else. I worked (at home) from noon to five, but earlier in the day, the movers brought my furniture up.

I am wary of moving companies, because two times I had to pay M0ishe's Movers nearly twice what they estimated (yes, I know--once should have been enough). They nickel and dimed me with materials ("You need this expensive box for that TV") and once took HOURS to drive from JC to Avenue B. "It was traffic," they said, even as the Other Marie and I sat there stunned by their cheekiness, having done the same drive in 20 minutes.

I had to use movers this time as I couldn't very well expect Michael Kraiger to carry my books and comics up four flights of stairs. But who to call?

This time, I dug around with Google and came across 43 positive reviews for Morrissey's Movers. The three men met me at my storage unit, dropped things off at my garage, then carried the rest up the four stories. And then they put the furniture together. All in two-and-a-half hours. $237. You can bet I overtipped on that one.

Now I am dirty and surrounded by boxes. But at leasts my toenails are properly groomed.


Evalinn said...

Marie, with properly groomed toenails, u should be set for anything!

I´m gonna make links to my favourite blogs from my blog, can I add yours?

Matt Hollingsworth said...

I had that lame nickel and dime crap happen too when I left LA. It doubled my price easily. Fuckers. It was those "Starving Student" movers. I'd strongly recommend AGAINST using them.

Marie Javins said...

Evalinn, go for it! I sometimes think about making a list like that--but I have so much page real estate taken up already. I know I need a major overhaul on this site.

Matt, I didn't even want to use movers because so many are rip-offs. Now that I found one I like, I am sticking with them. It's outrageous how most of them add on hundreds of dollars in charges.