Friday, April 27, 2007

More Rain

If April showers bring May flowers, next month is going to be stunning in downtown JC.

Rain again. On my day off, when I'm trying to run errands. I went to close my storage unit by Liberty State Park. The morning rain had flooded the roads. Henry and I drove very slowly as his underside was given a rinse. I didn't want to end up stuck in the middle of a giant puddle.

Downtown JC after a storm reminds me of Kampala. The roads suck and the drainage is horrible. The only difference is that in Kampala, the floods run orange like in the top photo. Here we just get gray floods.

The bottom photo is a tow truck in Kampala right after an afternoon storm.


mmclaurin said...

Your first line reminds me of one of my favorite jokes, since fifth grade: Q: If April Showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

A: Pilgrims.

And that is one of the many reasons my humor has never advanced beyond the fifth grade level.

Marie Javins said...

Ha! I always liked the one about the big red rock eater... but that's more like kindergarten, isn't it?