Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fun with Unpacking

Last night, I came across this sign while unpacking a box that I packed in 2000. It was one of a few boxes that I put in my basement when I bought my last place in JC, and then never got around to unpacking. (Actually, I was hunting for my toaster when I came across this.)

The Professor made this sign for the house that the Other Marie, Otis, and I shared on Mercer Street, JC, in the early 90s. The Professor is now a university administrator in UAE, but you may remember him as the man who treated me to half a pig's worth of bacon in Bahrain when I lived in Kuwait.

These loteria cards are supposed to represent the Other Marie, Otis, and me. Otis—the musician—was obviously El Musico. But The Professor—being a chortling troublemaker under his academic demeanor—deliberately did not specify which Marie was the Dama and which was the Diablito. I have my own theory, since I frequently teased The Professor (then a student and extremely minor Austin film cameo bit player) to where he would theaten to box my ears.

Maybe I should have packed a little better. Fortunately, the Professor almost never checks this blog so he won't know that I threw his sign in a box without padding.

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Marie Javins said...

I also spotted the Professor hanging out with Daniel Johnston in one of the Austin scenes in the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston." But I don't think the filmmakers knew who he was as he was uncredited. Maybe I should tell them.