Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun with Plumbing

Today is the happiest day of my plumbing-career life.

Admittedly, my career as a plumber has been rather short. I have twice repaired PVC pipes under my sinks, and once held two copper pipes in place while Al Huckabee welded the other ends of them. Backwash poured all over me and soaked my Johnny Cash sweatshirt, while Al encouraged me to "Don't let go! I'm almost done."

Today, after ignoring my kitchen island sink going "glub glub glub" for two or three years, I googled "island sink vent."

And discovered this miraculous invention known as the "Air Admittance Valve." Before, I delayed doing anything about the "glub glub glub" because I thought it involved a complex loop of "out" pipes that needed to vent to the roof of the building.

Now I know I can just stick this handy valve into the drainage pipes under the sink, and Bob's your uncle. Bye-bye to glub-glub. It's probably not up to code, but it beats nothing.

I know I was encouraging Roberta to dress as a plumber for Halloween, but maybe I'll do that instead.

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Marie Javins said...

Just got confirmation that these vents are illegal in many states, but VERY common. And that they are also called "Pro Vents."

I want one.