Monday, October 16, 2006

Eliza in West Africa

I'm following the adventures of Eliza as she travels through West Africa.

Eliza is a writer who lives in Iceland. She's only been on road for a few weeks so far, but it seems that she may already have malaria! She has so far visited Senegal, Gambia, and now she is in Mali.

I'm pretty jealous. Especially since she has friends in Senegal and they took good care of her. I wish I had friends in Senegal.

Read about Eliza's West African adventure here.


Steve Buccellato said...

I'm pretty jealous of that malaria, too.

Marie Javins said...

Somehow I always avoided malaria, even when taking no prophylaxis at all. I think it's because mosquitoes don't seem to like me. That's all right, I don't care for them either.