Sunday, October 15, 2006

L'il Maries

My mother keeps posting embarrassing photos of me on her blog. But why let her have all the fun?

This one is two wee Maries--it's the other Marie and I at either 15 or 16 years old. We're in my bedroom in Virginia, in the neighborhood called Del Ray in Alexandria.

The image isn't clear but the posters behind us are of a Narnia map, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. They're left over from when I was a few years younger. (My hamster was left over from that stage too.)

What a geek! No wonder I ended up in comic books.


Anonymous said...

Much as I loved Narnia too, wasn't it a letdown on the female role-model front?

Hard to aspire to be:
Susan: flirting whore. Exiled to lesser heaven.
Lucy: pretty brave and cool, but veers towards goody-two-shoes
Jill: blubs a lot at first, then gets a Virgin Huntress vibe going
Polly: duped constantly, if memory serves.
Evil Queen Jadis: Fights with sister, then curses entire planet in a fit of pique. Not nice.
Aravis: gutsy (flees forced marriage), but snotty

Nope. No joy there.


(Desperate to do ANYTHING except her now-overdue 2005 taxes)

Marie Javins said...

I have to admit that my memories of Narnia are pretty dim. I remembered enough to have an argument over Lilith with a pal's new girlfriend in December> She had just re-read Lion/Witch/Wardrobe over the last year. I insisted there was some relation between Adam's first wife and the witch... she was sure she would have remembered.

Anyway, my memory of Narnia was that 1) I loved it and 2) even as a wee Marie, I got more and more uncomfortable as the series progressed, because I sensed it was some kind of religious parable. Didn't quite work it out, but I got that the lion was Jesus.

I have much clearer memories of Prydain and Lloyd Alexander, though now I have a good reason to avoid Wales, the town of Corris in particular.

Marie Javins said...

Oh and Ax, far be it for me to be casting stones as I just pay the comic book CPA to do mine, but it is definitely time to do your 2005 taxes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, doing taxes now (she grumbles).

But can I just say this? Six years ago, I named my Pollock-ugly bike "Hen Wen" after the prophetic pig.

(Made sense at the time. Now ... no clue).

Marie, I may just outgeek you there.

What do I win? A CPA?

No, wait, I ran away from the rich accountant suitor because he fantasized about me frowning over my taxes in tortoiseshell specs. Sick git.

Ax (wearing contacts, thank you very much)

Steve Buccellato said...

I love that photo! I'm ordering an 8 X 10!