Sunday, October 08, 2006


My pal Scarf posted a link to a NY Times story on the remains of a giant camel having been found in the Syrian desert.

The Giant Camel seems to be 100,000 years old and as big as a giraffe. This reminds me of the Australian megafauna I saw at a museum in Brisbane. You know, giant kangaroos and half-ton birds Anyway, our friend the giant camel seems to have been killed by humans. I guess a giant camel would make a lot of camel kebabs (the kind on a stick, of course, since even ancient man would have worked out that everything tastes better on a stick).

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Ed Ward said...

Apparently Berlin swarmed with giant armadillos once upon a millenium. I betcha the locals tried to eat them, too. They look enough like pigs, after all.