Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scanner Woes

My new 11x17 (A3) scanner arrived yesterday! I promptly ignored it, and left it in the middle of the kitchen. This morning, after tripping over the unopened box, I dug in.

I unpacked all the parts and found a place to position the scanner (it's kind of big). I followed Steve Lieber's instructions to the letter, and for good measure cross-referenced them with other instructions.

Re-started. The driver was there in Photoshop. Great. Plugged in the scanner.


No light. No noise. Nothing.

I tried a different a/c adapter, one with the same voltage. Still nothing. For good measure, I booted up in OS 9, installed the official Mustek OS 9 driver, and tried in Photoshop 6. The software was there. The scanner was still dead.

I was sent a broken scanner. Crap.


Marie Javins said...

wow, there is nothing I love more than sitting on the phone with tech support while they pretend I am clueless. I'm like "No, you don't understand, the scanner has no power." "Have you checked to see if the USB cord is plugged in?" "er..."

Marie Javins said...

Okay, now we have progress! The manufacturer tech support thinks it's the power supply. Which is great, except that to solve this, I am required to return the entire thing to MacMall, then wait while they refund my credit card, then I have to buy the whole thing again.

Oh well. At least now I've already installed the software. Should plug and plan, I reckon. But it's going to be a while.

jbabcock said...


I LOVE Computers! They make everything SOOOO much easier, right!
THAT'S why we don't make any money anymore, because Comuters make our everyday tasks so much easier and less time-consuming that our "employers" feel that we can do so much more in with hour...

EEEEeee-ha ha ha hA!

Stuart Moore said...

This stuff is twice as hard to deal with when you don't have a car and have to get the damn shipping companies to come by your house.

I just dodged a bullet (I think). This morning, my Brother HL-CRAPPO Laser Printer developed a paper jam that can't even be fixed with tweezers. The customer service guy told me to bring it by a service center -- until I pointed out it has TWELVE DAYS left on its warranty. They're fedexing me a new one. Thanks for breaking on time, HL-CRAPPO!

Marie Javins said...

Stuart, how incredibly lucky! I have to admit that I haven't dealt with the scanner yet. Once I got them to agree to take it back, I just put it in the box and stuck it by the door. I'll try it one more time and then send it back.

Elayne said...

Oh ick, sorry to hear about the headache. Definitely sounds like a bum scanner to me. As ever, give us a call if you need Rob to walk you through anything...