Monday, October 02, 2006

Halloween with Ro

Does anyone have suggestions for what costume Roberta should wear for Halloween? She's invited to a party and attending requires her to wear a costume. I suggested "plumber" and "real estate agent," and she wants something cuter than than, but not too cute, as I discovered yesterday when I called her from Target to report that they sell adult cheerleader costumes.

All suggestions welcomed. She is tall and thin and a fine arts painter. So "starving artist" is out. She has to look different than normal.


Sara Kocher said...

Presuming she also wants something easy to move around in (i.e. nothing too bulky like octopuses, centaurs or bags of candy), here's what I think of off the top of my head:

- Accountant (suit, severe hairdo, glasses perched on nose, long strips of adding machine tape dangling from pockets)

- Bumble bee

- Witch (boring but easy)

- Catholic School Ghoul (Classic plaid skirt, mary-jane shoes, white blouse, and headband, but with funky wig and skin painted green. I like this one, but no one else gets it, so maybe not)

- Ninja (another fairly easy one)

- Carmen Miranda (a lot of work or money, though, unless you already have a fruit-covered turban)

- not a pirate

Marie Javins said...

I like Catholic School Ghoul! Don't know if she'd make her skin green, but she could do other ghoulish things.

And Yancey suggested a cute plumber. (sigh)

Steve Buccellato said...

Wild dik-dik?

Marie Javins said...

GREAT idea! Little ears, a small tail... and a faux fur skin. Plus she gets to say "I am a dik-dik" all night. Wonder what Ro will make of that.

Anonymous said...

Fur-kini all the way – a la Raquel Welch. No half measures!

Marie Javins said...

Bad news... Ro claims it's "too cold" for a fur-kini. Next?

Ed Ward said...

Can I ask what an "adult cheerleader" outfit is? My imagination is running wild with that one.

Marie Javins said...

Meaning a cheerleader outfit that says "Adult" under "size."

Ed Ward said...

Ah, so not "adult" as in "adult content" or "adult beverage."

Still, not so bad. Fur-kini is a great idea, but pneumonia can be a bitch to treat, and I remember those Northeastern Halloweens.