Sunday, August 20, 2006

On Another Topic Entirely

This just popped into my in-box from Ro, who drove back to JC from Princeton last night:

I was just driving down Jersey Avenue and there was a man in full
cowboy attire riding horseback. We live in a very strange place.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marie! just getting caught up on ur blog!
wedding sounds great and your bathrobe stunt sounds like a hoot! for the record, I eloped, wore black with a black top hat with a black ostrich feather& took the subway to City Hall. Had shots of tequila & champ prior then ate hotdogs from a cart vendor after. It was hilarious. Oh and I threw out my pumps after that.
As for the urban cowboy sighting. I used to, on occasion, see 1 or 2, very stylish black cowboys, in full gear, trotting down 8th Ave in Park Slope. My wave would bring a "howdy mam" & hat tip that actually made me blush! Don't cha just love It!
Congrats on the book sales!!!

Marie Javins said...

Paula, I really like your marrying style. Good for you! The bathrobe stunt seems to have been chalked up to "those kooky artists" as was all the unkempt hair of my friends.

And as if the cowboy weren't enough, it took me ages to get home because I stumbled on the JC Puerto Rican Day Parade and had to wait for dozens of cars and marching bands to go by, along with about 50 Puerto Rican Harley riders. Gotta love JC.