Monday, August 21, 2006

A Night at the Opera

Lots of people seem to be moving to Portland at the moment. Okay, not lots of people, but some people I know have done this recently.

Jessica Wolk-Stanley & family moved to Portland from Jersey City. This is a real bummer for me, especially since Yancey left JC for San Francisco earlier this year. At this rate, it won't even matter that I am being squeezed out of my home because I won't know anyone in my neighborhood anyway.

On the bright side, now Jessica and her husband and kids can go see the Too Much Coffee Man Opera, which plays in Portland on September 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th. My pal Shannon Wheeler had been mulling over the idea of an opera for years and I'm completely amazed that he pulled it off. And it's funny too, though I'm not allowed to share the libretto with you.

I cannot make it to Portland for the Too Much Coffee Man Opera, which isn't really surprising since I'm lucky if I have enough money for a MetroCard these days. But since most people have salaries and $401ks and stuff, it seems to me that the admission charge of $25/20 is reasonable. 'Specially cuz it's an opera, and that means you get to have some instant class.

Take yourself to the opera in Portland. Buy tickets here.

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