Thursday, August 31, 2006

Am I Rich Yet?

Another impoverished writer that I know—one who lives in Berlin and met me in Austin in 1985—sent me three numbers.

"Now send me three. You play Lotto in New York and I'll put the six numbers in here in Berlin."

"But, Herr Berliner," I said. "The odds of winning Lotto are worse than being struck by lightning."

"So how is that different than trying to succeed in the careers we've chosen?"

Fair enough. I read up on how to enter Lotto (I had no idea) and went and bought a ticket. We didn't win--surely this was some kind of cosmic error, a mistake in the luck of the draw.

I wonder if our careers will continue to be similarly random.


Ed Ward said...

Now, hang on! Just because the State of New York crapped out on you doesn't mean that the Weltstadt Berlin will! For one thing, even though we didn't come close on last night's drawing, there's still Saturday. And we're not only playing the Lotto 6 aus 49, but also the Super 6 and Spiel 77, whatever they are. So be of good cheer.

Ed Ward said...

Well, dang, it's Saturday and we're not even close. Sorry.