Friday, August 18, 2006

Wedding Prep

This is worse than when I couldn't operate the weed whacker. Turns out i am inep;oijt inepor inept at painting myt own nails. U woukd think that by the timer a girl is 40, she could paint nails. I already had to start ovr once so now I am dtermined not 2 use my right hand until it's dry. (There is a reasom i am "best man.")


Marie Javins said...

In Princeton, with half an hour to figure out what to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Please, someone stop this thing!

Sara Kocher said...

Let go, Marie...join the girly-girl brigade. Be assimilated. There is nooooo resistance......

Marie Javins said...

I might as well. I'm no good at weed whacking and men don't seem to like non-girly girls. What the heck. Where do I sign up?

Marie Javins said...

Rehearsal dinner-done.
10 a.m. Photos.
noon wedding (I'm in charge of rings).
1 pm reception.
8 pm party.
Sunday brunch.