Saturday, October 21, 2006

We Have Moose??

While researching my Amtrak Adirondack article, I came across a tidbit about a moose being hit by a train. In New York. Last month.

Wha--? We have moose? (Mooses? Meese? Moose as a plural sounds wrong, but it's right.)

Here's what the local newspaper, The Post Star, had to say about it on September 22:

The moose-train collision involved an Amtrak train, and left the moose seriously injured on the side of the tracks. A conservation officer who was called to the scene euthanized the animal, but it was unclear if the train was delayed.

The article went on to state that the problem is that it is moose mating season, so the moose are on the prowl. Guess it was a loose moose.

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e. readicker-henderson said...

In Japan when I lived there, they were supposed to refund your ticket price if the train was delayed beyond a certain time. They also, I was told, bill the family of anyone who chooses to kill themselves by jumping in front of the train.

But the one time this happened to me, I was still out 600 yen.