Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yummy Dinners in Morocco

Here are some of the delicious meals I had in Morocco. I am planning to learn to use the terra-cotta tagine I bought. The seller told me it was for cooking (it looks like the ones in the last two photos here), but I have no way of knowing if the glaze is going to work. I might run over to the Moroccan gift shop and buy an unglazed one.

Veggie tagine in Chefchaouen, main square.

Chicken pastilla in Marrakesh. Pastillas are traditionally made with pigeon, but chicken ones are easier to find. Which is just as well for me as I can't get past my New York notion that pigeons are not for eating.

Veggie tagine in Fez.

Veggie-and-chicken couscous in Fez.

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