Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shopping in Marrakesh

I had a book about shopping in Marrakesh, so I followed some of the routes outlined in its chapters.

I first passed by the "library." Which is not really the library but was a tiny book stall.

And then I continued on to see shops full of trinkets and tiles and beads. Some lovely stuff but it all seemed kind of outrageously priced. Actually, not that lovely. I regretted not doing my shopping in Fez. Here's a gallery of some things you can buy in Marrakesh.

During the three days I spent in Marrakesh, I followed each route in the shopping book. And then finally, found the one place I'd been saving for last because it looked so interesting.

Down by the Kasbah, out of the tourist zone, there's a shop where a folk artists sells his traditional paintings. I purchased three. I wish I'd bought more.


Linda said...

The middle one is the kind you turn upside down... did he have other optical illusions?

Ed Ward said...

Oops! Back to French 101: Les faux amis -- the "false friends." Top o' the list: librarie = bookstore, bibliothèque = library.

Love this guy's paintings, though.

Marie said...

Mom, only one optical illusion.

EW: Damn that French! It's still kind of funny.