Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tipping the Author

I stopped by my PO Box yesterday to get the bill for my health insurance. (I submit it to my company for reimbursement.) I was surprised to see an envelope from the Dik-Dik publisher. Ah, another royalty statement.

Last time, I bought the ex a few beers and myself a dress. Probably be half as much this time, I thought.

I was delighted to find it was enough for several dresses, and I am no longer responsible for buying anyone beer (I still have some left in the 'fridge if anyone wants to come by and take it), so I am going to use this to pay for a GAP Adventures trip when I am in Bolivia over winter break. It's $101 short after my 5% discount from having gone on the first GAP trip to Antarctica (before their ship sunk), so I'll have to cover that and the taxes on the frequent flyer ticket, but so far, Bolivia is looking affordable.

And while my royaltes are a far cry from Paul Theroux's or Bill Bryson's, I'm excited to have a check worth depositing.


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Amanda Castleman said...

How awesome that sales are still climbing! Dik-dik fans everywhere: rejoice!

Ed Ward said...

Royalties: the gift that keeps on giving.