Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bag Lady

During lunch on Thursday, I went to one of the many fabric stores in Manhattan's garment district. Which are conveniently located a few blocks from my office, which is in the Korean karaoke district just off of Herald Square.

I bought enough fabric to sew four more bags! I'll pin and cut at home, but I don't really think I'm ready to buy a sewing machine, so I'll go back to the Flirt-Brooklyn open studio night to sew them. Which is probably a good thing, since I would benefit from having the teacher nearby. I carefully memorized the pinning and cutting techniques last time, but I can't quite remember the right order of steps after that.

If I can master bag-making, I'll move on and take their skirt-making class. Plus Denise wants me to go to knitting school with her at the new cafe up the street. I don't really have any burning desire to learn to knit, but what the hell. It'll be fun to go to knitting school with Denise, plus I owe her (and Liz) one for going to bag-school with me.


Marc Siry said...

Sounds like you're having fun... but I think you need to balance out all the estrogen you're inhaling. Can you find a nice performance driving class, or a dirt-biking expedition through the Pine Barrens? You could do worse than by hanging out with adventurous men with disposable income.

Marie Javins said...

I think I might have been too macho already. Think about the things I've tried in the past: scuba diving, motorcycle riding, sailing, hardcore traveling, cycling, home remodeling...perhaps that is why I've always been such a lousy girly-girl. Maybe if I sew and knit, I'll also suddenly channel the hormone that makes me capable of wearing high heels and putting on makeup without stabbing myself in the eye.

But I'm guessing not.