Monday, October 27, 2008

Scraps of Monday

Today, I went into a trimmings store in the Garment District, and discovered an entire section dedicated to elastic bra straps. No kidding.

They have to sell bra straps somewhere, I guess.

Plus, I finished some overdue homework for the book review section of the writing workshop I am in. Is it cheating that I reviewed a graphic novel? One about travel?

And in the magazine workshop, the Times editor/teacher okayed me to write about cultural misunderstandings that occur in the production of comic books. Now I just have to do that without getting into trouble with my employers or with certain regions of the world.

Finally, the same teacher had us review an idea memo for a story that the Times had published about gray squirrels pushing out red squirrels in the UK. I doodled out my own illustration, and was disappointed when I heard that they'd just gone with a simple red squirrel photo.


Steve Buccellato said...

impressive squirrel drawing

Stuart Moore said...

Yeah, but my money's on the red squirrel.

LynnieJ said...

We could have used a photo of Mama Charlie. (Yep now you'll have to explain Mama Charlie).

Marie Javins said...

I decry the insensitive assumption that cute does not equal tough. The gray may be cute and lacking in fangs but it may have superior brains or fighting skill.

Though I guess it's the red that is endangered.

I think Mama Charlie was explained a while back, though I might be imagining that. Fill us in?