Saturday, October 25, 2008

Skirt Class: Part Two

I love sewing class.

Which is weird. I never was that excited about that sort of thing before. But Denise and I are already planning on taking the dress class and the apron class. And Roberta has agreed to go to knitting school with us. We're going to knit scarves.

If I can get Michael Kraiger to go to knitting school with us, then I'll know I have arrived.

In Class #2 at Flirt Brooklyn's Gowanus studio today, we pinned our patterns down to our fabric, lining things up neatly on the fold. We cut the patterns, then snipped the spots where the darts would go and marked the far end of them. We wrote "FRONT" and "BACK" on the pieces on tape. We snipped the centers, removed the patterns, and then moved to the machines.

On the machines, we reinforced the curve shapes at the top of the skirts, sewed the darts, sewed the left sides together and zip-zag stitched the edges. We ironed the edges flat and sewed in our zippers.

Which worked just fine. We were both pretty zonked though when we left, but not too tired to eat lunch and look at the Flirt boutique a few blocks away.

One more class left next Saturday. Then maybe it's time to make another skirt on my own, to try to remember all the steps.

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Linda said...

Your mother should have taught you how to sew!

(I don't sew anymore because I've broken several sewing machines and I can't seem to keep one running smoothly.)