Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remember When It All Sucked?

New York has really changed over the last decade, but lately, it seems like old Manhattan is starting to peek through as the city frays around the edges. It feels like there are more homeless begging for change on the subway, more kids busking, and a little more hustling going around us. Maybe this is just an illusion that comes along with a downturn in the economy.

Old New York burst through in front of me on Broadway today. Pedestrians were waiting for the walk signal, pushing inch by inch into the street as they impatiently waited for the signal to change. One middle-aged businessman made a break for it, briskly walking across the street against traffic, and then he sped up as a bike messenger bore down on him.

"RUN, YOU F*CKING FAGGOT!" The bike messenger was definitely not a recent transplant from the 'burbs.

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