Friday, October 31, 2008

I Didn't Think Anyone Would Notice

Tim Leffel, writer of "The World's Cheapest Destinations" and editor of, gave my 3-D children's atlas a plug on his blog. And Warren (for comic book fans, he needs no explanation) did last week. I am lucky to know so many supportive writers.


Marie Javins said...

Did anyone else notice, between Dik-Dik, Atlas, and Scorched Birth, that I seem to have an affinity for orange books?

Susan D-L said...

Orange is a happy color, and its chromatic goodness pops off the shelves. The latter also makes it popular for prison jumpsuits (although the prisoners probably aren't happy about it.)

I don't have any kids to give this too, so I'll just have to get a copy for myself. 3-D polar bears!