Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I realize that if there were a fire in the middle of the night in my office and the new smoke detectors went off, the neighbors would probably just ignore the alarm. And these detectors will work only for the life of the first battery, as once they start doing the "I-wanna-new-battery" beep, someone will just tear out the battery and not replace it.

But at least now, if the employees are sleeping on the job, I have an annoying way to wake them up.


Steve Buccellato said...

The end of an epic! Marie Javins and the Raiders of the Lost Smoke Detectors.

Maybe when you write the book, you can juice it up a bit more...instead of Radio Shack, you'll have to climb into a snake-pit. Or something. Just a thought.

Marie Javins said...

It's got to be lizards, because Captain M is a-scared of lizards.

"Not lizards! I hate lizards!"

Except it was Craig with me today at Radio Shack, and he's got no problem with lizards. And the theme of the day was fish. But that's for tomorrow.

I wonder if Yassir hates lizards too.

vagabondblogger said...

Where did you finally locate them? Good thing to know.

Marie Javins said...

Funnily enough, they were at the Radio Shack right here in Zamalek. I'd looked before but somehow missed them.

Yasir Khan said...


If all else fails, look in Zamalek.

Marie Javins said...

Damn, I keep spelling Yasir's name with two S's and it's clearly only one (see above).

It's because our "office boy" (who is about 40 years old and by no means a boy) is named Yassir. My apologies, Yasir, for calling you Yassir.

vagabondblogger said...

Thanks. They probably have them somewhere on Road 9. We have a Radio Shack there too.