Saturday, September 22, 2007

Morning Excursion

How did it get to be the end already? I never even used my guidebooks to neighboring countries!

I didn't get out to see much in Cairo this time. So once again, I am cramming all my sightseeing into the end.

Yesterday, I took the metro down to Coptic Cairo. That's the historic part of town that has ancient Christian churches and Egypt's oldest synagogue. There's a cave where it is said that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph took shelter, and there is a spring where—perhaps—the pharaoh's daughter found Moses. (Does she have a name? Or is it just "pharaoh's daughter?")

The metro goes straight to Coptic Cairo at Mar Girgis stop. I can't say that I was enthralled enough to return one day, but it was an easy journey and the sights took only a few hours to navigate.

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