Monday, September 03, 2007

We're Only Here for the Fish

While young Egyptians use the Fish Grotto for the purpose of illicit boy-girl gazing and forbidden hand-holding, Craig and I are both adults from the loose-moralled US of A. Were we intent on a snog-fest, I'm sure we'd think of far better places for this activity than the Zamalek aquarium.

No, we went to the Fish Grotto solely for its intended purpose. We wanted to see some fish.

And see fish we did! There were at least fourteen fish in the aquariums. Maybe more. Also a few turtles, some fake fish, and one display of a dry bucket. There was also a batcave, though the bats were sleeping.

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Anonymous said...

another perfect chapter title: not just "snogging in the fish grotto," but also "lose-moralled snog-fest." You might have a theme here to work all the way through Hippo.