Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just Call Him Mo

An all too common scene in this part of the world:

A graphic designer from our Kuwait office dropped by our Cairo office for a visit. He's an Egyptian living in Kuwait and his name is Mohamed. He was here on a family holiday. He wanted to see Captain M and check out his new "manager" digs.

Captain M took Mohamed around the office to introduce him to the sales staff, the designers, and the translation staff.

We have four translators, also called editors. Three are men, while one is a woman named Heba.

Captain M introduced Mohamed to the translators. My office is about five feet away, so I overheard this, causing no end to my giggles.

"Mohamed," said Captain M. "Meet Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, and Heba."


Marc Siry said...

Maybe one of them should change their name to Cassius.

At my first job at Marvel Comics, I worked in a 10 foot square office with Mark Gruenwald and Marc McLaurin. I was Marc2, McLaurin was Marc3.

Marie Javins said...

We also have two others Mohammeds, in graphic design. I changed one's name to Spanky, the other to Lobo (his nickname is Wolf).

Brett said...

The last few months I was at At OUP the head of the art department was Lynn, my direct boss was Lynne and the editor of the book I was working on was Lynn.

If South Korea converts to Islam would all the men be named Mohammad Kim?