Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Amazing Glamour of International Life

Today in Spain, I:

1) Did my laundry.

2) Picked up a CD for Nabeel in Kuwait.

3) Picked up some absinthe for a friend in the States.

4) Sat in the Pans & Co near El Corte Ingles and used the free wifi from the square to talk to the office, while buskers played below. I had to buy a coffee to sit in Pans.

5) Bought two new shirts that were on sale. (The low dollar is killing me!)

6) Oogled two new caganers, one of Tin-Tin and one of the Michelin Man.

7) Went to the post office. But I forgot to take a photo.


Marie Javins said...

I'm lukewarm about the shirts but I might *need* the Tin-Tin.

Sue said...

I need the Michelin Man, even though I'm a Dunlop gal.

Anonymous said...

hmmm absinthe - LOVE IT.

yay my first name made it onto your blog. im famous YEEHAW!!!

Marie Javins said...

This is fame???? Um...