Friday, September 14, 2007

River Living

Who lives in the blue houseboat on the Nile?

I wonder sometimes. It's directly in my line of sight when I look out of the sliding doors on my hotel balcony. I'd insisted on a room with a Nile balcony, but in truth I've never sat outside. It was too hot in July and August, and now I've been too lazy to wipe the summer's dust off the patio furniture.

But I gaze every day over the Nile, once in the morning and once at night. It's not just the Nile, it's my Nile, the river that has winded its way though my life, the backdrop for significant occurrences. Events two years past, during the early months of this blog.

About a dozen houseboats in various states of repair sit right across the river. I've love to live in one, to live not just beside my Nile, but on it.


spleenal said...

I hate the way I live in a house.
I always saw my self living in a van or some thing eles different (to advertise how cool and different I am)
I think one of these house boats would suit me.
a ramshackle that's listing slightly

Anonymous said...

Someone told me once that in the pre-revolution days, the houseboats were the brothels.

Now, everyone once in a while, I'll see a listing at AUC for a "share houseboat with three other students" kind of thing.

But some are clearly filled with wealthier dwellers... like the ones with jet skis on the other side of Zamalek, near the Safir hotel.