Monday, January 15, 2007

You Are Here

This on-line map of the area I'm staying in is incredible. I found it when trying to figure out the name of a coffee shop, located where trinket shop Little Ricky's used to be, so I could tell my pal Joey where to meet me last week.

I live behind the Con Edison transmission station. Here is my old condo, on 13th and B. Selling it is what gave me the funds to go around the world in 2001, and then to slack off of decent-paying-work long enough to get Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik written and published.

Kind of wish I had all that money now. But then I wouldn't have the book. What's better, I wonder, a small press book with your name on the cover or a boatload of cash? Which would you take, given the choice?


Marie Javins said...

P.S. There is definitely no "right" answer to that question.

David Wohl said...

I'd take the cash...

...then probably gamble it away over a few (fun) hours.

Amanda Castleman said...

Condo: $140,000*
Profit: 87,000*
Slack time to travel and write: PRICELESS

* Readers, please note, I've completely blanked on the details of Marie's real estate acumen and made these figures up wholesale.

But you get the point. Hopefully. Or else we're gonna need finger puppets to break it on down...