Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Dik-Dik" on Perceptive Travel

Tim Leffel* reviewed Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik on Perceptive Travel.

I didn't mean to make travel across Africa sound so uncomfortable! My goal is to encourage people to go, not to convince them to stay home.

*Disclosure: A writer pal.


Anonymous said...

I read the book and it didn't deter me at all. In fact, as a 49-year-old woman, I thought, hmmm, I could do that. I have been to Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), but now I want to do the overland truck thing. The book is NOT scary! In fact, I traveled to Africa during the first Gulf War and encountered all sorts of anti-American stuff, so it was especially interesting to read about Marie's reception after September 11.

Marie said...

HooRAY! That was my whole point, that anyone could do it and you don't have to be Lara Croft to get on a bus. I hope you go. Though I have to say that you must be cautious when choosing overland trucks in Africa. Some of them are just parties on wheels.