Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sign of the Apocalypse

CBGB is no longer a venue or club.

It is now a branded boutique in an upscale shopping center on St. Mark's Place.

That's so punk rock. I bet Deborah Harry shops there.


Marc Siry said...

Hoo boy. That means from now on, when you wistfully remember your misspent youth hanging out at CBGB's, anyone under 20 who hears you is going to think you are SO LAME.

Steve Buccellato said...

That is so hardcore!

mmclaurin said...

Anyone under 20 thinks you are so lame because you're not under 20, anyway, Marc. And when I say "you," I mean "me."

I just can't wait for the CBGB lounge to open at New Youk, New Yourk in Las Vegas.

Marie Javins said...

Ack, someone change the channel!

Amanda Castleman said...

I dunno, Marie, the consumer-driven kids might think hanging at a boutique is cool.

Post-Mallrats, anything is possible. Ax.