Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Egypt Here I Come

I have my tickets to Cairo, my Egypt guidebook, my Arabic phrasebook, Cairo map, iPod, my international health insurance, my (working now) GSM phone, USB phone charger, and my Skype credit. I forget where I left my passports, but I think they're in my garage with my yellow fever card. I found a fitness center in Zamalek that costs less than one in Kuwait (faint praise, and yes, I really am going to go). Located some on-line apartment possibilities.

I do love an airfare challenge, and was tempted to buy the combo ticket that was $267 r/t from New York to Cologne on Continental (what a deal), then catch the hapagfly.com discount flight to Cairo out of Frankfurt or Munich. But in the end, once taxes were added in, it was only $200 less than flying via Barcelona (ah... now we're talking!) and this way I don't have to take the train within Germany with all my luggage.

'Course, I have to drag it to the airport bus in Barcelona, but there are worse punishments.

Should I get a wheelie suitcase now that I'm all per-fessional and stuff? I have a big old dirty backpack.

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Amanda Castleman said...

I am ALL about the wheelie suitcase, unless actively backpacking now (in the proper grungy outdoors, not hostels).

A Delsey has FOUR points of contact. You can spin that sucker like a bass!

But don't take packing advice from me. I'm bitter because eight years in Europe and the Middle East killed my first, beloved Lowe Alpine Countor IV.

The swish update just ain't the same... Ax.