Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gaudi & New Socks: Perfect Together

Being in the inspiring city of Barcelona does not, unfortunately, exempt me from performing uninspiring chores.

On Thursday, I trekked out to Carrefour to buy socks. Yesterday, I got a (lousy) haircut, bought a universal sink plug at the hardware store (my third, but the others are in NJ), got a .90 euro plug adapter for my work external hard drive (another one for the collection, though I’d remembered to bring along the UK-Egypt adapter), and this morning I had to cut my toenails (very exciting, but when the toe next to it gets bloody and gouged from the toenail, it’s time to act) and do laundry (then hang it out the 5th story window on the rolling clothesline).

But at least I get to do it in Barcelona, where the normal buildings are pretty nice and the nice buildings are right out of fairy tales.

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Steve Buccellato said...

I really enjoyed Barcelona when I was there in...when was it?...1991? (It was during the same trip when I met you in Morocco, Marie).

The Gaudi architecture is just so strange and unique. Like drippy wax. Comics fans and other nerds can see his influence in the art of Moebius and in the movie Blade Runner.