Saturday, September 16, 2006

Round My Apartment Without A Fridge

"Sure, sure," I said impatiently. I was certain I'd win the bet. "Whatever you want. If you win, you can have anything. Just name it."

"I want you to put your foot behind your head."

"What? I haven't done that since I was a kid. Well, sure, doesn't matter, because I won't lose."

I lost.

I'd been interviewed, then a few days later a total stranger had sent me a list of questions. And there it was in the third line. "I want to be a writer."

"She'll write back and after a few more inquiries will ask me how to get published. Like I have any idea!"

Person X--the other person involved in this bet--said this time it was different... he reckoned it was a one-off and I'd write back and that would be the end of it. This led to the bet.

There's a British guy who has made a career out of making stupid bets and writing funny travel stories about the results. In one, he hitched around Ireland with a small 'fridge on a wheeled cart. In another, he played the Moldovan soccer team at tennis. In another, he aspired to have another hit song. In Albania.

I wrote back to the email writer--and she didn't try again. I'd lost the bet.

Being forced to put my foot behind my head is not worthy of a book. It's barely worthy of a blog entry, and would in fact not be worth mentioning if I could still do it. Which I can't.

It was a little funny to try though.


Anonymous said...

Freed of your freon

Anonymous said...

Anyone in your family knows you must have thrown the bet. We've seen you put your foot behind your head a hundred times.

Marie Javins said...

I was a bit younger, you know... still I could have done it with a few nights stretching. I'm much too lazy.