Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not Enough Opera, Man

Premium seats sold out for the first night of the Too Much Coffee Man opera in Portland, Oregon. That's great news--maybe creator Shannon Wheeler's kids can eat more than mac & cheese next month.*

Selling out premium seats is big news, but the opera is such a novel idea that I bet all four performances sell out. I reckon the kiddies will have orange juice and broccoli too.

*Permission acquired from creator to make joke about Wheeler's kids eating habits, which probably do NOT involve orange artificial food products.


Ed Ward said...

Now, now. Macaroni and cheese does not automatically mean Kraft Dinner [tm]. A real mac and cheese is a daunting enough dish that I have yet to attempt one.

Marie Javins said...

Gotta admit--Turbo, who was as much as chef as he was a home renovator, once made me an incredible mac-and-cheese, using only products I am not allergic to.

I need another Turbo 'round the house, don't I? Preferably one who resides in this hemisphere.

Ed Ward said...

Hemisphere, shmemisphere. Who's the world traveller here?

But seriously, a non-lactose-bearing mac and cheese would involve the use of sheep and goat cheese, the latter of which I am amazingly allergic to. I'd hand you the casserole, tell you to put it in the oven for x minutes, and not return until the place had been thoroughy aired of ... that smell.

The very thought makes me queasy.

Marie Javins said...

Actually, I think it was special lactose-free cheese that I had in the fridge, but I do really like goat cheese. But I have that same reaction to things I'm seriously allergic to. Other people looovvve ice cream. I just see it and say "ouch."