Friday, September 15, 2006

Condo for Sale

My place--a Victorian condo one subway stop from Greenwich Village--is still for sale. So far, four people and one couple have looked at it. I had an offer, but it was a lot less than I needed to pay off my bills and still have enough to buy a new place. I counteroffered. Now I get to wait and see if they come up on their offer.

One woman looked at it who was perfect for my place. I don't yet know if she thought it was perfect for her. She was friendly, a little smart-ass, and really funny. A little younger than me. My place asked her to stay, but I don't know if she heard.

I like my condo a lot, but I can't afford it anymore. I seem to have too many jobs but being a writer, artist, and occasional editor doesn't amount to a lot in real money terms.

I've promised myself that if I sell and pay my bills and buy a new place... I'll keep aside a little to go solo through West Africa in 2007.

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