Friday, September 15, 2006

A Message from My Subconscious

I had an anxiety dream in which I was standing at a crosswalk around the corner from my Kuwaiti boss's Upper Westside NY apartment.

I left his place after working on The 99, the comic I edit for his company. I was carrying--rather carelessly--a flattened FedEx box of inked pages. I dropped these Ron Wagner pages through a sewer grate, and then realized I'd left a bunch of John McCrea pages sitting out in the sun nearby.

I dug around in the sewer and found the Ron Wagner pages, and as a bonus, collected up all the John McCrea pages and went on my way, a bit wiser and more cautious.

I think the message here is: Quit messing around with the blog, the Dik-Dik, and Donald Duck pages, and get back to the real paying work.

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