Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Look at Sinai

On approach to Sinai Peninsula



Ras Mohammed National Park



St. Katherine's Monastery





Many tourists visit St. Katherine's



Marie and flammable acacia bush ("burning")






Kids in Dahab eating scraps from tourist hotel breakfast boxes


scarf... said...

You made it to Dahab! Lucky sod. Do the cafes still have hand-lettered signs listing all their cassette tapes?

Aghia Katerina - One of the monks told me that bush is 10,000 years old and it's a unique subspecies. Nice to see it's still there. Should snarf a twig if you can. Then again, it might burst into flames again at an inopportune moment. You never know these days. There used to be some great rocks lying around the mountain there with bits of fossilized ferns etc.

You did bring an underwater camera I hope? I'm heading off into snow country later this week & would love to see the beautiful fish where you are.

Don Hudson said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

David Wohl said...

Jonathan says that's a bactrian camel.