Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bahrain Photos



Not Offensive

At the Souk

There's pig meat in Bahrain!

We bought some

The Professor cooked me breakfast


Steve Buccellato said...

MMM. Pork. As Brett calls it, "The Christian Meat." Congratulations, that's quite the treat. INFIDELICIOUS!
Say hello to the Prof!

Linda said...

I enjoyed the pictures. The not-offensive picture didn't tell me much until I clicked on it and saw it larger. I see a couple of heroic-looking men without faces, but a picture underneath them has a face. Please explain.

Marie Javins said...

You know, it's like the cartoon controversy. It's forbidden to show the face of Allah or Mohammed, and some others as well. In some forms of Islam, you are not supposed to draw any living thing, which is why in ancient times, all the art is based on beautiful calligraphy.

Linda said...

I also like the guy at the souk holding the hand puppets of Bush and Saddam.